Frequently Asked Questions
1.     What is the purpose of this “Investing in Our Future Today” campaign? This campaign is our next spiritual journey together.  God is leading us in this new level of ministry and outreach. The campaign has a three-fold purpose:
  • Giving more of our time, talent and treasure to expand ministry to family, friends and our community.
  • Taking care of current and future generations by investing in future growth.
  • Providing our church with sound financial management through debt reduction.
2.     Who is the campaign for? Everyone who calls Living Word their home and is an ongoing supporter of Living Word and its ministries has the opportunity to participate in this campaign.  The results of the campaign will benefit a much larger group of friends, family and our community.
3.     Why are we doing this now?  The pastor and church leadership reached this decision to move ahead with the campaign after much prayer and consideration. We believe God is calling us to this action now so we can be prepared for the future ministries He has in store for us.
4.     How will the money be used? We believe God has called Living Word to expand its ministries and prepare for future facility expansion in order to more effectively reach our community with the Gospel.
5.     Why can’t we use our regular ministry budget instead of having a campaign? The Bible gives several examples of special projects that challenged God’s people to give extra offerings in addition to what they normally give. We believe this example fits our church at this time in its ministry, and the additional gifts will provide us with an even stronger foundation for reaching our community.
6.     Are campaign gifts over and above my normal tithes, offerings and Mission pledges? Yes. Our normal operating expenses and missions commitments must continue to be met by your faithful giving.  The over-and-above gifts will allow us to accomplish the special goals outlined in the campaign case statement.
7.     What are the financial goals of this campaign? 
Pastor Victor and the Campaign Executive Team will be presenting the financial goals of the campaign on
Sunday, March 16th, during the 8:30 & 10:30 services.
8.  How long will the campaign last?
Campaign commitments will be for a three-year period   beginning with our Altar of Commitment service on Sunday, April 6.
9.  Can my gift involve stocks or other assets in
addition to cash?

Yes! Making non-cash contributions not only helps the church reach its financial and ministry goals, but often provides positive tax benefits to the donor as well.
10.   How will I know how much to give? 
Pray.  Spend time asking the Lord to lead you in this decision, and then obey His leading for His blessing. 
11.   Will there be additional fundraisers to collect funds for this campaign?
No. Any funds raised through the three-year period of this campaign will only be used for the campaign goals and purposes.  No other funds raised in other ways and for other purposes will be used for this campaign. 

12.   Will I receive a giving receipt for my donations for tax purposes?
Living Word is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, and all contributions will be receipted.
13.   What about accountability regarding the funds received? Living Word has had a financial accountability system in place since the church was first established. It is managed through a budget that is given oversight by the church board (Pastor’s Planning Team).  You are welcome to call the office any time to request information about the church’s budget and financial management processes. 
14.   Will this money be used for anything other than its stated purpose?
Absolutely not.  Any funds raised through this campaign will be used only for the purposes specified in the campaign. The Pastor, Business Administrator and Pastor’s Planning Team will manage the funds in strict adherence to the stated purposes.
15.   Will any amount of monies received actually be invested for growth purposes?
Yes. The funds received will provide us with freedom to invest more in people and outreach, as well as provide funds to purchase vision-based property per God’s direction and timing.
16.   When will we be asked to make our commitment? Everyone who calls Living Word their home church will be asked to prayerfully consider how God would have them participate in the “Investing In Our Future Today” campaign. The Campaign Leadership Team and the Leadership of Living Word will be asked to make preliminary commitments in a few weeks. Our entire congregation will be asked to respond in obedience to God’s direction at a special Altar of Commitment service on Sunday, April 6.
17.   Do I have to pledge to continue coming to Living Word? No. At Living Word, we believe each person should pray and ask God for direction in all stewardship matters.  We also believe we have a mission that matters, and know you will be blessed through your support of this ministry.
18.   How can I be involved in the campaign?
There are several ways to be involved and help with the campaign. More than being a fundraiser, this campaign is a FAITH-raiser. We ask every person to pray for God’s direction in this important ministry matter.  We ask you to search the Scriptures that address stewardship. Be responsive and obedient to God as He leads you.  Our campaign will be successful if we are all doing our part to accomplish the purpose God has for us as individuals and as a church. 
19.   What can I do to help with the campaign?
Besides studying, praying, and being obedient, there are also opportunities to serve in various activities of the campaign.  If you are asked to be involved, please consider responding positively, becoming a vital part of what God wants to accomplish in and through each of us throughout this campaign.
If you have additional questions about this campaign, please submit them to a campaign leadership team member, write them down on an in-touch card and place in the offering baskets, or call the church office.


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